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Corona Concept

In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety for us and the students and at the same time to preserve the core of the summer university – the active encounter in a common place of study – we will conduct the course as a face-to-face event under the following conditions:

  1. Participants are fully vaccinated upon arrival (1 or 2 times depending on the vaccine, the full vaccination was at least 14 days ago).
    • Or: Participants present a valid negative test result upon arrival, which is valid for a maximum of 48 hours upon arrival. To ensure maximum safety upon arrival, we ask that you have the tests done as soon as possible. German participants must show the appropriate proof at the border (+ ID card) when entering Denmark.
    • Proof (vaccination or test) will be checked upon arrival.
  2. During the stay, the test proof is repeated twice, so that it is always a maximum of 48 hours old. There will be a testing opportunity at the venue. In addition, we offer a ride to a PCR testing station on the excursion day. The tests are free of charge!
  3. Participants will be accommodated in single rooms.
  4. Medical masks are worn in the hallways and on the way to meals (OP or FFP2 standard), which are brought by all participants.
  5. In the seminar room, the individual seats are at least 1,50 m apart; masks are not required. The room is ventilated throughout, especially during breaks.
  6. In group work, all participants are strongly encouraged to work within the group with distance and outside if possible, masks should be used if necessary.
  7. Dispensers with disinfectants are available at the venue and we ask you to take responsibility for your own (hand) hygiene.

We would like to have a relaxed atmosphere in the seminar and the sociability especially in the evening should not come too short! In the interest of all attendees, we therefore ask for compliance with the above rules, even if they go beyond those currently provided in Denmark.